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Hon F. I. Power M.L.C | F. P. Power | Jack Cartwright

Hon F. I. Power M.L.C.
Mr Power was born in Brisbane on 28th February, 1852. He was one of three sons of the late Mr Michael Power ( Power and Connolly) of Gayndah, all of who made their mark in Queensland, the others being Mr Justice Virgil Power and Dr J J Power. When 12 years of age, he was sent to Ireland, and received his preliminary education at Clongowe’s Woods College, County Kildare. He then entered Trinity College, Dublin. After leaving the College, Mr Power entered the service of a firm of solicitors in Dublin, and remained there five years, secured his articles, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1873. Returning to Queensland, Mr Power started in practice as a solicitor in Gympie in 1875, continuing in his profession up to the time of his illness prior to his death. In 1904 he admitted Mr J M Pack to partnership, the firm being know as Power and Pack. In 1911 he was joined by his eldest son Francis Plunkett Power in the firm of Power and Power. From the time of his arrival in Gympie he closely identified himself with this goldfield, in fact it may be said that any detailed biography of Mr Power would practically embrace a large portion of the history of Gympie.
Though mining was Mr Power’s particular forte, yet he did not confine his attention solely to this one subject. He had not long been settled in Gympie before he was elected to the local Divisional Board, but did not seek election. When the town was incorporated as a municipality, he was appointed solicitor to that body.
The Hon F. I. Power was called to the Legislative Council on 15 July 1901. When the Philip Ministry was formed on November 19, 1907, he joined the Cabinet as Minister for Justice, but resigned when the Government went out of office on February 18, 1908.
On 30th August, 1887, he married Miss Elizabeth Plunkett, and to them were born twelve children, eight sons and four daughters. He passed away on 24th June 1912.

F. P. Power

One of a family of eight sons and four daughters Francis Plunkett Power was born on May 30, 1888. Educated at Nudgee College, he served his articles in the office of his father who had taken Mr J M Pack in as partner in 1904. He was admitted as a solicitor on June 4, 1911 and opened a private practice in Brisbane. On June 21, 1912, his father died and he came back to take over the business which he carried on under the name of Power & Power until 1957 when he went into partnership with Jack Cartwright. Two years later he retired from the firm.
He was a commissioner of affidavits of the State of New South Wales for 45 years and City Solicitor for Gympie from 1913.
Mr and Mrs Power (formerly Miss Beryl Mary Rankin) had five daughters. He passed away on 14th November 1967.

Jack Cartwright, Consultant
Mr Cartwright was admitted as a Solicitor in April 1952 after being articled for nearly five years prior to that. He went into partnership with Frank Power in 1957 until he retired in 1959 and Mr Cartwright was a sole practitioner from then until selling his practice in 1997 at which time he was appointed a Consultant.